Lejon Mesa Bifold Wallet

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The Mesa large bi-fold wallet by Lejon, brought to you by Letherwerks.

It has been said that North American bison, more so than any other animal or bird, is a unique symbol of the strength and determination of the people of North America. Bubble Bison shows the extreme grain and characteristic of this unique leather finish. Iowa Saddle is an oil pull up Bison leather which ages with use and creates a fine patina finish. These ruggedly handsome genuine bison leather wallets will feel great in your pocket. The deep bubble pattern or the medium pull-up options are excellent choices for anyone. Available in black, brown and peanut bubble or Iowa saddle bison leather.

. P l e a s e . N o t e .

The American Bison is a free-range, roaming animal known to fight within their herds. Scarring, natural marks and grain variations are common and prevalent, making each and every hide truly unique.