Itasca Women's Select Cota Moccasin

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In this moccasin Itasca mixed it up a bit - combining both full grain and suede leathers. Stretchy, scarred, and somewhat variable in color. The combination of buffalo, moose, and elk hides used in the construction of these moccasins most likely makes them the most comfortable footwear you'll ever own. There are several benefits to using these premium hides: they’re incredibly durable, they're incredibly comfortable, and they feel like they're broken in the first time you put them on - with no painful binding or pinching. We also like how the sole, done out of a buffalo hide, gives the moccasins more structure and offers a bit of contrast in color. They're like a better version of bare feet! This canoe-style moccasin is a classic and it offers a great barefoot feel. While intended to be slippers or house shoes, these can easily be worn throughout the year outside as well - but be careful because leather soles will be slippery on snow and ice.