Head'n Home Hat Pirate Tricorn Hat with Keeper Band

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The Pirate Tricorn hat by Head'n Home Hat, brought to you by Letherwerks.

Pillage and plunder the imagination in this jauntily mischievous Steampunk Hatter Pirate hat! Embrace your inner marauder as you search for hidden and not-so-hidden treasure in this bold and dashing hat! The Pirate boasts a felt crown and tricorn felt brim with a flashy feather found during one of your many adventures and stuck into your hat with flair. Display nothing but cutthroat confidence as you sail the seas searching for adventure and swag in this daring hat. Just be careful not to cause mutiny amongst your envious crew!

Proudly Crafted in Monterey Bay, California by American Hatmakers. Brim: 5" Crown: 4-1/4"

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