Head'n Home Hat Gent

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The Gent Steampunk top hat by Head'n Home Hat, brought to you by Letherwerks.

A dapper topper with gorgeous contrasting under-brim and exquisite crown, the Gent is a classy, modest piece. The intricate vine pattern that winds around the crown, and the luscious, fawn brim give this hat an understated elegance. 

The popular brown Gent has been proudly joined by a new model – the Silver Gent. With an intricate patterned leather crown and hand-crafted brim, this leather top hat from our Steampunk Hatter line features a shapeable brim and draws attention to you like mysteriously relentless loops of ivy.
Brim: 2" Crown: 4-1/2"

Proudly Crafted in Monterey Bay, California by American Hatmakers. 

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