Head'n Home Hat El Dorado

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The El Dorado Top hat by Head'n Home Hat, brought to you by Letherwerks.

So many variations! Pick the band that suits your day best.

There are no dusty streets you will not ride. Parched from the sun, you climb from old paint into the next saloon and order something strong, something quenching. The El Dorado is straight up without a chaser. It harkens back to the Old West and looks directly at the future with a powerful profile, shapeable brim and 4 1/2 inch crown. Available in brown or black, the El Dorado can be ordered to fit any adventurous mood. Adorn it as you'd like, or leave it spartan so as not to mar its natural beauty. What more can a mysterious stranger want when he or she drifts into town?
Brim: 2" Crown: 4-1/2"

. F i v e . S k u l l .

Sometimes, the understated look is perfect for the situation. Featuring 5 subtle skulls draped around the crown of an El Dorado leather top hat, the Voodoo Hatter 5-Skull band is the perfect balance between raw attitude and understated style.

. B a s i l i s k .

This gorgeously intricate Steampunk Hatter hatband is a sinister dragon shaped out of vegtan leather, airbrushed and laser engraved with extreme detail, and wrapped around the crown of the El Dorado leather top hats. Complete with glass taxidermy eyes, this style will truly stare into your soul.

. B u f f a l o .

The most modest of the Voodoo Hatter top hat collection. With a simple Buffalo nickel style band, the El Dorado leather top hat can easily be dressed up or down. The luster of its full-grain, smooth leather is complimented by a shapeable wire brim for a personalized attitude adjustment.

. B u l l e t .

The bullet band features replica bullets on the custom hatband, letting everyone know you are a straight-shooter. Make no mistake, you are ready for action in this topper. 

. C h a i n .

The word 'rumble' describes the tussles of old - think leather jackets and the smell of grease. It also evokes the sound of engines primed and ready to roll that distinctive sound of the throttle and the call of the highway. But don't go there without the Voodoo Hatter El Dorado leather top hat with a chain band, designed by Dominique de Leon. Black as pitch, solid as asphalt, and every bit as strong as you are. The chain band reminds all who see it of the power of the ride and the 4-1/2'' inch crown is tall enough to add a bit of shadow to the profile you make coming in from the road. Pick up the El Dorado with its chain band and be ready to rumble.

. C r a z y . H o r s e .

This Voodoo Hatter top hat features the Crazy Horse band, made of a deeply textured strip of topgrain bullhide decorated with replica obsidian arrowheads and buffalo nickel conchos.

. F l e u r . d e . L i s .

Parlez Vous Francais? Designed by Dominique de Leon, the El Dorado featuring the Fleur de Lis band channels the French-Creole vibe you expect from the iconic Voodoo Hatter line. Handmade of cowhide leather, this leather top hat features silver airbrushing on the laser engraved band which showcases the pewter Fleur de Lis front and center.

. H e l l r a i s e r .

This top hat features spikes, cages, leather- jeez, you sure know how to party! The Hellraiser leather cage top hat band by Voodoo Hatter wraps around our El Dorado leather top hat and is finished with metal spikes just in case you need to headbutt someone or something.

. H i l l . C i t y .

The Hill City Band is a deeply textured leather top hat band made from topgrain bullhide, and is decorated with ornate studs and antiqued buffalo nickels.

. L a c e . C o n c h o .

The Lace Concho band is for the proud diamond in the rough. Take the high-quality, handcrafted black cowhide leather El Dorado top hat and add a hand-stitched black band showcasing three pewter diamond shaped Conchos with a turquoise inlay, and finished off with an elegant fringe draping off the back to create this flirty, one of a kind piece.

. S a v o y .

Made with a fiery tinted strip of striking cobbled leather, the Savoy leather hat band by Voodoo Hatter comes finished with 3 antiqued buffalo nickels and ornate metal studs on a brown El Dorado top hat.

. S R 2 .

Inside every one of us beats the heart of a hero. The Voodoo Hatter El Dorado leather top hat with SR2 band is made to compliment your long-coat as you step from the darkness into the neon night and battle the enemies of ultimate cool. Whether in deep brown or midnight black, the El Dorado with SR2 stands tall, featuring a shapeable brim and a contrasting band with lock rings and braces. How can you not want to help a stranger in need while wearing this heroic beauty? But fear not, citizen, the El Dorado with SR2 band is just as at home accompanying you to a party, concert or steampunk event as it is on a heroic adventure.

All proudly Crafted in Monterey Bay, California by American Hatmakers. 

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