Head'n Home Hat El Dorado Top Hat with SR2 Band

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The El Dorado top hat with SR2 hat band by Head'n Home Hat, brought to you by Letherwerks.

Inside every one of us beats the heart of a hero. Ready to don a suit of armor, a cape or other symbol of our intent. The El Dorado with the SR2 Band is made to compliment your long-coat as you step from the darkness into the neon night and battle the enemies of ultimate cool. Whether in deep brown or midnight black, the El Dorado stands tall, featuring a 4 1/2 inch crown, shapeable brim and a contrasting band with lock rings and braces. How can you not want to help a stranger in need while wearing this heroic beauty? But fear not, citizen. The El Dorado is just as at home accompanying you to a party, concert or steampunk event as it is on an adventure.

Proudly Crafted in Monterey Bay, California by American Hatmakers. Brim: 2" Crown: 4-1/2"

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