Coronado Leather Vintage Stone-Washed Belt #510

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Handmade leather belt by Coronado Leather, brought to you by Letherwerks.

A vintage styled belt stone-washed in a 100-year old denim wash house in Los Angeles. Already broke-in, this will be your favorite belt from the first day you put it on. Made from Horween's vegetable tanned leather with a double-prong buckle and side D-ring. Serial numbered to validate authenticity.

. F e a t u r e s .

  • Double-prong, antique brass buckle. 
  • Marked & registered with an individual serial #. 
  • Hand-polished and antiqued edges. 
  • D-Ring: Solid Brass (antique finish).

. D e t a i l s .

  • Width: 1 ½”
  • Handmade In USA.

. M a t e r i a l s .

  • Leather: 8/9oz Horween® Dublin leather (Stone Washed). 
  • Hardware: Solid Brass Buckle (antique finish)
  • Lining: Backed leather - unlined

. S t o n e . W a s h e d . C o l l e c t i o n .


Inspired by vintage Americana work-wear, denim jeans and leather goods from the 70’s-80’s, Coronado Leather's Vintage Stone-Washed Collection is like nothing else they have made. Each piece is crafted in their San Diego shop using a vegetable tanned Horween® leather, heavy #277 beige thread, solid-brass (Antiqued) hardware and stone-washed in Los Angeles, California after construction. Vegetable tanned leathers are a traditional artisan and labor intensive tanning process that creates unique characteristics in an environmentally friendly manner. The hides are processed in large wooden drums with natural tree bark tannins, waxes and Horween’s proprietary tanning liquors. After the stone-washing, the bags are conditioned and oiled to bring back the warmth and richness of the leather. Stone washed, rinsed and heat-dried in Los Angeles, California in small batches, using the same methods and factory that the finest West Coast denim brands use. After washing, the bags are shaped, air-dried, conditioned and oiled to bring back the luster of the leather. The darkened edges and wrinkled flaps are all genuine and unique to each piece. The results are amazingly authentic, with a new bag that appears old, worn and broken-in. Individually marked with a unique 11-digit serial number to validate the authenticity and the time of production.

. C o r o n a d o . L e a t h e r . B e l t s .

Coronado Leather started making belts more than a decade ago and their process has not changed much today. Their belts are truly handmade the way traditional saddle makers were taught to make them. The entire process is done in their San Diego workshop. They start with premium leathers, cut the hides in strips and back them with a lightly buffed, vegetable tanned liner. The stitching is done with care and the edges are beveled, stained and polished by hand not by automated machines. The company prides itself on the process and won't compromise quality to save time, which is exactly why we carry them.