Buckle Sample Images

View the images below for all the buckle options for our 1 inch tapered belts.

Each belt in our tapered collection comes with your choice of any of these buckle sets, absolutely free of charge. Each set is made of a zync-steel alloy metal that holds the test of time. They look just like silver, but never tarnish.

Southwest Buckle  Simple Copy Buckle  Ridge Buckle  Silver Western Engraved Buckle  Gold Western Engraved Buckle  Silver Dots Buckle  Basketweave Buckle  

                              Southwest             |             Simple Copy          |                   Ridge                |   Silver Western Engraved   |    Gold Western Engraved   |            Silver Dots              |           Basketweave

Silver Diamonds Buckle  Gold Diamonds Buckle  Jim Brady Silver  Jim Brady Gold  California Silver Buckle  California Gold Buckle

                                                Silver Diamonds         |         Gold Diamonds           |         Silver Jim Brady          |          Gold Jim Brady          |           California Silver        |           California Gold