Head'n Home Hat Marlow

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The Marlow top hat by Head'n Home Hat, brought to you by Letherwerks.

So many variations! Pick the band that suits your day best.

When someone speaks quietly, we lean in. Why? Because what they have to say is important. The Marlow is just such a speaker. Subtle and unassuming at first glance, The Marlow begs an audience, and makes quite a statement upon close inspection. All-leather construction, with a shapeable brim, The Marlow says what you want it to say in your choice of three gorgeous colors; Black, Brown or Pecan. A near-whisper that screams fashion and delivers style. Be the talk of the gathering with a leather top hat that will make your listeners bend an eager ear to you.
Brim: 2" Crown: 3-3/4"

. B u l l e t .

This low profile band features a variety of different caliber shells adorning a strip of high quality leather. This hatband shows you really mean business.

. C h i e f . N i c k e l .

The Chief band is a unique take on the Voodoo Hatter Buffalo hat band, featuring two decorative stitches down the middle for extra dimension and wrapped around the classic Marlow leather top hat.

. C o l l a r .

Schoolboys and vicars; coachmen and elite; the buttoned-down fashionable are present in many walks of life. Your place among them is secured when you wear the Steampunk Hatter Marlow top hat with the Collar band. Rich, black leather is both bold and socially acceptable, and the arrow-collared band, with its beautiful, silver center button and piped stitching, calls attention to your sense of propriety. For stepping out on the town, or stepping it up at the next party, the Marlow leather top hat with the collar band winks just enough to make the assembled come undone.

. C r o s s . C o n c h o .

This Steampunk Hatter hat band features gorgeously engraved silver conchos decorating the Marlow leather top hat, and is finished by antique brass rivets that complement the overall design.

. D r a g o n w i n g . M a l f o y .

Fitting for any student of the dark arts, the Marlow leather top hat with malfoy band, is designed by magical artist Merry Lee Rae. Featuring a mid-rise crown and brim of indulgent brown leather, the Marlow with malfoy band is ideal for the cunning user of spells. With its fine laser engraved detail the people will be drawn to you, and once they meet the gaze of the reptilian eye they will be under your spell. Wear the Steampunk Hatter Marlow with malfoy band responsibly.

. G a r t e r .

A curtsey is proper, and a glimpse of thigh is scandalous. The Marlow leather top hat with the garter band, like you, is both. The supple pecan leather is paired with a contrasting brim edge; while the laser-engraved band allows a naughty peek of lace that causes the unprepared to blush. Petticoats or jeans, your look is complemented by the Marlow with garter band. Its dual nature cannot be contained; nor would we ask it to. Steampunk, wedding party, or coffee with friends; the Steampunk Hatter Marlow with garter band fits your mood and mode, whatever they may be.

. H . B a n d .

A welcome addition to the Steampunk Hatter line, this Marlow top hat features an H band a strip of high quality leather laser cut into an H shape, and complemented by metal rivets - an all around a stylish leather top hat.

. L a . C a t r i n a .

The Marlow leather top hat with La Catrina band by Steampunk Hatter features an intricately laser engraved and airbrushed floral pattern hatband that pops with vibrant colors.

. L T . B a n d .

It is the highwayman; the gentleman-thief whose exploits are the stuff of song and story. Capture that essence in the Marlow leather top hat with LT band. Three color choices allow for personal preference and stated intent. Finished black is all night, captured by the moonlight and darkly romantic. Brown is deep and comfortable; an old friend who's both scoundrel and traveler. Pecan, with its contrasting band and brim edge is, like Robin Hood, the cutpurse with noble motive. Each of these low toppers is offered with a rivet-side band and smart feather accent. Stop the carriage, take a deep breath and know there is mischief afoot in the Steampunk Hatter Marlow with LT band.

. P o r t r a i t .

This Steampunk Hatter leather top hat style features a thick band with lace or burgundy velvet hugging a strip of leather accented with two gold dome rivets and a matching cameo as the centerpiece.

. B l a c k . H e r a l d i c .

The removable Black Heraldic leather hat wrap allows you to change the look and feel to fit your mood.

. P u r p l e . R o s e s .

The removable Rosebush leather hat wrap allows you to change the look and feel to fit your mood.

. P u r p l e . M e d a l l i o n .

The removable Purple Medallion leather hat wrap allows you to change the look and feel to fit your mood.

. S i l v e r . M e d a l l i o n .

The removable Silver Medallion leather hat wrap allows you to change the look and feel to fit your mood.

All proudly Crafted in Monterey Bay, California by American Hatmakers. 

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