Head'n Home Hat Marlow Top Hat with Collar Band

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The Marlow top hat with Collar band by Head'n Home Hat, brought to you through Letherwerks.

Schoolboys and vicars; coachmen and elite; the buttoned-down fashionable are present in many walks. Your place among them is secured when you wear The Marlow top hat with the Collar band. Rich, black leather is both bold and socially acceptable, and the arrow-collared band, with its beautiful, silvery center button and piped stitching calls attention to your sense of propriety. For stepping out on the town, or stepping it up at the next party, the Marlow top hat with the Collar Band winks just enough to make the assembled come undone.

Proudly Crafted in Monterey Bay, California by American Hatmakers. Brim: 2" Crown: 3-3/4"

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