Chacon Bison Tapered Belt

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The Bison Straight Belt by Chacon Belt & Buckle, brought to you by Letherwerks.

Handcrafted right here in New Mexico by our friend and master leather smith, Bruce Erickson. You just stand a little straighter and raise your chin a bit more wearing one of his great creations.

Long endangered, American bison have since been saved from extinction and are now a common part of the western landscape, not to mention showing up in belts, boots and even on the plates of the finest restaurants. Chacon bison belts are handmade in the Rociada, NM from American bison leather laminated and stitched onto a high quality latigo leather back for structure, durability, and minimal stretch. They're rugged, durable, and proud symbols of the American West. 

When bison ran wild, they ranked second only to the Alaska brown bear as a potential killer. They run at speeds of up to 40 mph, weigh 2,000 lbs., and have horns. The Chick-fil-A bison wouldn‰'t hold up some clever sign, it would charge the cars in the drive-thru. Bison charge cars in Yellowstone nearly every year. Needless to say, they produce a hide that is worth wearing around your hips.

You will notice these bison hide belts have a very distinctive grain. Why you ask? Because bison hides aren‰'t stretched ‰just to retain this awesome grain patterning. What you're seeing is called a "shrunken grain," meaning the hide shrinks during the tanning process, which produces this gorgeous grain and contributes to its awesome durability. No one will confuse your belt for just another leather belt.

Bison leather has 5x the tensile strength of cowhide, making this belt the last one you may ever need. 

Width measures 1 1/4" and is tapered to fit 1" buckle sets or trophy buckles. Snap closure for removable buckle. Click here to view buckle options. 

Custom widths and tapers available upon request. Contact us for custom orders!

Sizing Information: While online belt sizing can be difficult, our general recommendation for proper fit is ordering a belt 2" above your pant waist size.